The road to fulfillment

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July 11, 2017
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July 20, 2017
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The road to fulfillment

Choose to be you!

In life, we often play roles that have nothing to do with our personality, desires, or emotions. We do this because we have the feeling that everything that matters is to make others happy. Wrong! Remember every day that the most important person in your life is you! It is neither the mother, nor the child, nor your lover, nor your friend. They are passers-by, like their worries or needs, never the same. Getting down the mask you’re wearing is not always simple, but at least you have to try to regain the freedom you need so much.

Remember childhood or even simpler to look at some children at play. Not disturb of what is happening around them, without care about the mature ones, unconsciously creates their happiness with a shovel and a sandbox. How little they need for such a great joy. They are with them and nothing matters. Teach you too, to care for yourself, to focus on the simple things you enjoy, ignoring but listening to the opinions of the “counselors”. Nobody, besides you, will ever know what you really need.

Be attentive to your own thoughts and give yourself the strength to give up everything that is inconsistent with you, your character and your morality. Pay attention and importance only to those who bless you and make you smile.
Follow your intuition by listening to your heart because it never fails, even though it sometimes seems different. It just seems! This is perhaps one of the most important factors on which the regaining of a lost identity depends. Give up on believing that you owe someone something and start building yourself thinking of your own happiness. In the end, this is all that matters and understands that only a happy person can create the same serenity of someone else, be it mother, child, boyfriend, boyfriend, or an unknown.